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We offer a totally new way of borrowing....

Consumer loan

The consumer credit is the credit category granted to individuals by our structure to finance the ...

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Home loan

The real estate loan is a loan to finance all or part of the real estate acquisition, operation or ...

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Repurchase credit

This solution consists of replacing one or more existing loans by a single loan at a rate 2.9% in ...

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The lease is a lease system whereby a customer rents a property. However, it has a purchase option ...

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Student loan

A loan to fund your education? The student loan is a loan that allows you to make your plans and ...

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Personal loan

You need a consumer credit for personal projects or for cash flow needs? Maxi Finance ® is the ...

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Opt for the loan 100% safe.

Whether you are an individual or a company, we are willing to offer you the loan you need. Loans of all kinds ranging from 500 euros to 15 million euros at a fixed rate 2.9%.

Maxi Finance ®

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Simulate your loan

Simulate your loan and get an idea of ​​the monthly payment to pay for a loan given to our structure. We apply a low fixed rate 2.9% to allow every customer to feel pleasure to borrow from us.

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A credit engages you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit

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